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Our Smart Approach

Skilled Instructors

Skilled instructors combine expertise in their subject matter with effective communication, empathy, adaptability, and a passion for teaching to create engaging and supportive learning environments.

Online Classes

Online classes, also known as virtual or distance learning, have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility and accessibility.

Offline Classes

Offline classes, also known as traditional or in-person classes, have their own set of considerations and advantages compared to online classes.

Real Time Project

A real-time project is an initiative or task that is executed with immediate responsiveness, often requiring instant action or processing of information. These projects typically involve the use of current data and require quick decision-making.

About Us

Welcome to Mainstream Institute

We believe that education can make this world a better place. With the aim of instilling the best of skills in youth, Mainstream Institute focuses on building a strong foundation so that they can grab the opportunity whenever it strikes.

  •   Skilled Instructors
  •   Online Classes
  •   Offline Classes
  •   Real Time Project
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